We develop premium mobile apps customized for premium buildings. The mobile app is the best tool for users to communicate with the colleagues, facility manager or local businesses. It enables you to use all services in your workplace.

  • Information

    Presentation of the building and locality around.

  • Community

    Mobile app can support interaction between colleagues, tenants and their employees.

  • Facility a property management

    Our software can simplify the communication between the users and facility management of the building.

  • Building Access

    A smart building access solution for both tenants and visitors. We integrate RFID, beacons, NFC, or QR code technology.

  • Building Navigation

    Navigation through the building and its surroundings. Users can find companies, rooms, people, or printers. We integrate beacons or VLC for this service.

  • Parking and transport

    A very important module that provides information on free spots, booking, or visitor access. Practical information about public transport, a quick overview of departures.

  • Temperature and lights

    Users can control the lights and the temperature in the meeting room or even in their office.

  • Shared services And reservations

    A booking system for shared cars, bikes, e-cars or scooters.