parking integration

MSD / September 2018 / Prague

Riverview is a modern office building built by Skanska in 2014 where we provided smart parking solution for it's tenant MSD. We integrated Spaceti wireless parking sensors, from this provided information we are able to display the number of free parking spots on digital signage by the garage entrance and in the application available for MSD employees. The app is also equipped with advanced prediction of empty parking spots.

Connected by

Skanska CDE / 2018 / Europe

We created an open digital platform which means that apart from the basic version of the app, every building can integrate any services that fit the needs of their tenants. The apps are currently running in Campus 6 /Bucharest/, Generation Park /Warsaw/, High 5ive /Krakow/, Mill Park /Budapest/, Nowa Fabryczna /Lodz/, Visionary /Prague/, Spark /Warsaw/.

Generation Park
digital signage

Skanska CDE / April 2018 / Warsaw

The purpose of this big touch screen is to give you useful information including the canteen menu, tips on interesting places around or public transport timetables right at the building’s reception.

Praga Studios
tablet and mobile app

Skanska / April 2018 / Prague

We created a useful presentation tool for the leasing team of Skanska Property, Czech Republic. In our app they can find all the necessary information about Praga Studios, an office building that is currently being constructed in Karlín.


Laundrybox / September 2017 / Prague

We are a proud partner of this amazing start-up, which brings laundry service to offices and residential buildings.

Marina Island
mobile app

Daramis / September 2017 / Prague

Marina Island is our first residential project, we wanted to support community life in these beautiful buildings at the river.

Twin City
mobile app

HB Reavis / September 2017 / Bratislava

Twin City, the biggest regeneration project in Central Europe, is a multifunctional complex in Bratislava, located on the border between the Old Town and Ružinov districts. The purpose of the app is to make life easier for office workers as well as for people living nearby.


HB Reavis / June 2017 / Bratislava

A concierge is a person who can help you manage the ambushes of everyday life especially when your hands are constantly full. The Concierge will provide you with the following products and services: Car wash, small repairs, dry cleaning, laundry service, tailor, shoe repair, florist and gift services, service bookings, restaurant reservations, online food delivery, orders of groceries and other necessities, online purchase of event and travel tickets.

Five Prague
digital signage

Skanska / May 2017 / Prague

We collaborated with Five to create a unique digital signage system with a dynamic content. We made the building really speak to the tenants.

Five Prague
mobile app

Skanska / May 2017 / Prague

Five is the newest Skanska building and it’s full of innovations. The app has functions similar to Corso Court but the design is completely unique.

Corso Court
mobile app

Skanska / February 2016 / Prague

Corso Court, Skanska’s headquarters, is a revolutionary building in Karlín, a vibrant district of Prague. The mobile app is primarily focused on shared services such as cars, bikes, garden or laundry. In July 2018 we expanded the app for the second building Corso IIA.

digital platform

Skanska CDE / June 2018 / Warsaw

Our most advanced project from the Skanska family integrates not only community functions but also practical everyday functions such as mobile access, smart parking, temperature and light control in the offices, virtual reception etc. Apart from the mobile app we provide an advanced web administration platform.